KSK Electrics, LLC


Welcome to KSK Electrics, LLC, inventors of a new way to create your ultimate live sound:

Psyren Live Performance Digital Audio Workstation

We take a high performance DAW out of the studio and put it on the stage floor where you stomp on it like any other pedal board. Configuring the Psyren is done on your tablet, laptop or even some phones with a User Interface the guitarists are totally familiar with. Plus, you can expand foot switches, pedals and knobs easily using optional Psyboxes. 

The Psyren is currently under development by KSK Electrics at our secret lair in Madison, WI. We hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign in June 2014 to help put us over the top and begin manufacturing.

Please check back here in May as we’ll be revealing our new direction for shaping the ultimate live guitar sound.